Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some more faves

This is the ring that my husband got me for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised and I wear this all the time. It is such a great accessory and since I wear a lot of black, it goes with most of my wardrobe.
The polish on my nails is another favorite for Spring, it's OPI's Dutch Tulips. It's the perfect dark pink/almost red and looks great on my toes as well.
I have had scalp problems for a number of years. Aveda made a scalp therepy that I loved and cured my problem for a while. However over a year ago, they changed the formula and the new formula doesn't work for me. My scalp is dry, itchy and flakes. I did some research and instead of trying different dandruff shampoo's I went straight to Nixoral. It's expensive at $9.99 for a small bottle, but I thought why mess around! I used to wash my hair about every other day. My hair is dry and any hairsylist will tell you that with my curly hair, you aren't supposed to wash your hair daily...however I want to clear up my scalp! Every day for a week I have washed my hair and it seems to be working! YIPEE!
I have a $10 off coupon for Trade Secret that has to be used in March - so I'm going to look through my magazines and find the perfect deep conditioner since my hair needs additional moisture.

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