Monday, August 21, 2006

Cooper is TWO!

I can't believe that my baby boy turned two years old on Friday. The party-that-almost-wasn't went on just fine on Saturday. I have to wait for my Dad and Carol to email me the pictures of Coop as we didn't take any (bad, bad parents!) We did get video though, thanks to Heather! He got lots of great gifts and he was pretty much back to normal (he had to go to the ER Wed night with a very high fever and a strep infection - poor baby!). I'll post more pictures later.

Dang socks!

The socks are no more. I had to frog those socks. I've decided that I need bamboo dpn's and a different kind of sock yarn - thinner. I'm kinda bumbed as I did really well - turned the heal, and started on the gusset - but somehow got turned around. I'm determined to figure this out!

I haven't heard from my mason dixon swapcloth pal yet. This is my first ever swap, I hope I didn't get a dud!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Socks, Part Dos

I have been knitting away at my sock. I even put in the marker so that I would know the beginning of each round. However, I have forgotten to mark all my rounds. I have no IDEA which stinkin round I am on. Oh well - these are just for me anyway. When I got home last night, I pulled it out of my bag to show it off, and the hubby's first statement was, "what is it supposed to be?", and I say "a sock" and he replys "a sock for who?" I say "me!" and he says "oh" and then made a few facial expressions. He has no vision!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've attempted my first sock! Holding four needles at once is still a little uncomfortable - I'm just not used to it, but I'm excited about it!

I always seem to have a dishcloth on the needles - here's the latest one - along with the project bags that my mom is making. They are SOOO much cuter than the zip-lock bags I was using. Definately need more bags!

Cooper's birthday is coming up and I'm still just planning away. Trying to get everything in order and ready for the big day. I can't believe he's going to be TWO!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006


This is my latest project from the MDK book. I just love all the projects in there. This is a moss grid hand towel. I started it some time ago and I put it down, and forgot to pick it back up. So, I did some more last night after Cooper went to bed. This one is a little more complicated than some of the simple stuff I do when Cooper is awake. Look out family - you may see this again around Christmas!!

What's in a name?

Cooper has really learned his name. He's always known it - just chosen to ignore it most of the time, I guess. More and more, Cooper hears at least two - and sometimes all three - names together - "Cooper Brooks, stop that...COOPER JAMES BROOKS - MOMMY SAID NO!" etc., etc. He's ptting it together what his whole name is.

Last night at dinner, Joseph wasn't paying attention to him. Cooper kept calling him in a normal tone, "Joseph, Joseph". Joseph didn't respond so Cooper yelled "JOSEPH BROOKS". And we all just died laughing. Now, I'm Mommy Brooks, and there is Daddy Brooks, Cooper Brooks (he pronounces it Coopah Books) and his favorite to say over and over is Joseph Brooks!