Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend adventures

As I was driving home on Friday, my husband informs me that he needs my help when I get home (insert eye-rolling here). I reluctantly ask why. And he responds "We need to catch a baby bunny that's under my car". At some point, a baby bunny went under Don's car for warmth and to get out of the rain. So, my husband, set up an Elmer Fudd-style trap to capture the bunny. Luckily, he caught the bunny right as I was arriving home, so that I didn't have to "help". He isn't a wild rabbit. He looks like he was someone's pet that got out our was let out.

We brought the bunny in and put him in the bathtub. He's very cute. Cooper loves him, so it looks like we have a pet bunny. We went to Petco Saturday morning and bought a bunch of stuff to house the bunny and hopefully all will be well. Murray was a little tense about the new pet, but he's already calmed down around the bunny. The bunny's name is Ozzy.

This weekend was great also because Don was home. He hasn't been home on a weekend in months. We just ran a couple of errands and hung out around the house, but that's what made it so nice.

This past Saturday, we were supposed to have a birthday party for Don's grandmother (she turned 90 on Sunday). We didn't have a party because no one could get it together. That whole side of the family lack the ability to properly plan for anything! It looks like her party will be this Saturday. I have plans this Saturday, so I hope it doesn't interfere.

What plans could I possibly have this Saturday you ask? I am having lunch with a friend from high school that I haven't seen in 21 years! Stephanie moved away before our Senior year and we lost touch after that. Through technology and recognizing her brother in a picture, I was able to get back in touch with her - and we live nearby each other! How cool is that?

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