Monday, July 31, 2006

cousin Sydney reads to coop

cousin Sydney reads to coop
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What a Vacation!

Cooper was such a good little boy! He was great on the plane - both on the way to Mom's and back! I boarded first with him and as everyone else boarded the plane - I could see in everyone's eyes - they didn't want to sit near us! I can't really blame them. I used to think the same thing. On each plane, the people around us commented on what a good boy he was. Made me feel like a proud mama!!

We had some great fun, Jeff and Sydney came up to see us for a few days, so the cousins got to play together. We went swimming a few times out on the boat. And once Cooper saw Sydney jump off the side of the boat, Cooper just had to do it too! I almost had a heart attack - but he was having so much fun! It was just pure joy on his little face. Here's a couple of pics, and there's a lot more if you click the link on the right.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Coopie!

Cooper loves to play with mommy's "pretties". That's what he calls my make-up because I told him that the make-up helps mommy look pretty. Just another morning when I didn't want to leave him! But we'll be together all next week! Yeah!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More knitting

I have lots of these dishcloths! They are so much fun to knit. I have also modified the ballband pattern (the square one) to make it into a kitchen towel. I haven't started it yet - but I'll post it when I do. I'm also working on a tea cozy for a friend at work. I love having several projects going at once!! A friend of mine at work bought several of my dishcloths. She also knits with me during lunch, and wanted to give hand knits to a bunch of people for Christmas, she just didn't think that she could do it in time. So, she bought some of mine. She said it lifted some "knitting stress".

This is the burp cloth that I made for one of Don's friends that just had a baby - and he has another friend who's wife is expecting, so I have another one on the needles as well. These are really fun to knit too! Also from the Mason Dixon Knitting book that I just love so much.

My mom has already asked for socks for Christmas. I think I'm ready to give it a try. I've been longing to try double-pointed needles, I suppose this is my opportunity! I'll let her pick out the sock yarn when I'm there next week.

Cooper is very excited to go on the "big airplane"!!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Proud Mommy

Lately, Cooper hears me stirring around early in the morning, and usually, as soon as my fanny hits the couch with my coffee and knitting, I hear him "mommy, mmmoooommmmy". This morning, we just sat and played. For several months now, we have to take Cooper's "baby" (the hippo named Speckles) everywhere we go - and we certainly can't take a nap or go night-night without him. At the Company picnic, Cooper got a Dr Pepper monkey. And now, Baby and Monkey go everywhere. Baby is still the favorite, but Monkey is a close second. This morning, Baby and Monkey kissed!! It was very sweet.

Cooper is constantly doing something new that amazes me every day. Since the day he came home from the hospital, I have rocked him and soothed him by singing "You are my sunshine". It worked like a charm for some time. Before Cooper could communicate well, I would still sing that song to him and when he didn't want to calm down or go to sleep, he would put his hand over my mouth to stop me from singing so that he wouldn't have to sleep (or maybe it's because I sing poorly - and he's a baby genius!). Lately, he loves to sing songs (I sing loudly and poorly and he smiles and asks for more!). I sing the ABC Song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and of course, You Are My Sunshine. Last night, I asked him to sing it by himself, and right on cue he sang, "dible dable my sunshine, mine sunshine, um hatty, labe labe gay". Well, I jumped up and applauded like he had just received a The Noble Prize! I was just about the proudest mommy in the world! And then just this morning (as I do every morning) I ask Cooper to tell daddy good morning - and today - on cue - he said "mornin daddy". Again, I was the proudest mama!!