Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catching up

Thanksgiving was hectic and fun and relaxing! It was awesome to just be at home - and to wake up whenever I wanted and to nap. Cooper and I spent lots of time together and had fun playing. He's become a little obsessed with Bob the Builder. He wants to watch it all day long. I't difficult to explain to him that it doesn't come on all day. How much does a 2 year old really understand about television programming?

Two nights ago, while I was cleaning the kitchen, Don put Bob the Builder on and sat with Cooper to watch it (which was great - I could clean the kitchen without telling Cooper over and over again to stop trying to crawl into or sit on the dishwasher!). When it was over, I sat in the living room with my boys and we started watching regular tv. Cooper thew a fit - he wanted to watch Bob the Builder again. This was one of those fits where he threw himself on the floor - and there were real tears! I tried to calm him down by telling him we would go and look in his room and see if his jammies with the tools on it - like Bob's - were clean. That just started another crying riot!! "Mommy - I want Bob the Builder jammies". It took us FOREVER to calm him down. But he eventually did!

So, my lunch hour yesterday was spent searching stores for Bob the Builder jammies and other stuff. I bought him a lofty figure.

Yesterday afternoon, I get a call from my MIL - she said that Cooper had something to tell me - and she put him on the phone. His little voice told me that he went pee pee on the potty! I think everyone around me knew he went potty by the end of the conversation! I was so proud!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

My mother will be so pleased

I called my mom on Sunday when I was on my way to church to tell her that Cooper was wearing his Thanksgiving outfit that she made him last year. We got off the phone and I put my phone in my purse and Cooper yells from the back seat "Mommy, did you call Nana?" and I smiled and said "yes, honey I did" and Cooper said "Sweet!".

Just as I thought

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Interesting... and smart

Cooper was very tired yesterday - he had no nap. MIL said that he wouldn't nap - and that he said "no nap grandma". Who is the grown up here??

Anyway, while in the bath tub last night, Cooper was playing with his foam letters and numbers. He loves to play with them. We've been working on colors, so when he picks up a letter or number he tells me what color it is, "mommy this is geen" or "mommy this is yeddow". Lots of fun. Last night, he picked up the yellow letter T and I was prepared to hear him announce that it was yellow or yeddow as he calls it - but he proudly tells me "mommy this is T" and picks up another one and says "mommy this is I" (correct again) "mommy this is J", and "mommy this is W" (correct again, but butchered the pronunciation adorably) "mommy this is O". I found this completely fascinating since when we sing the ABC song, we can't get past G, put he can pick out and name several letters at random. I have to wonder - is he getting this from watching PBS? Sesame Street has a letter of the day, maybe he picked it up from that. I haven't taught him any of this - or maybe Sunday School? My MIL doesn't read to him at all, so I can't imagine it was her - and I can't ask, because she would take credit for it anyway - she takes credit for ALL of his accomplishments. My boy is just so smart!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

My $50 table

Saturday morning was spent running errands. One of my errands was to look at a few things in Mardel Christian Book Store. Don, Joseph and Cooper decided to go into Big Lots instead. Which was fine by me - it allowed me to look at what I needed without being interrupted. I left Mardel and looked down the side walk to see my three boys waving me over to Big Lots. I was afraid. There was no-telling WHAT my husband was waving me over there for. As soon as I get close, Don says, "hey, did you know that Big Lots has furniture?" and I reply, "yes, but it's Big Lots, I've never really paid any attention to the furniture in here". Don then tells me that there is a kitchen table in there that I need to see for only $50. I was VERY nervous. Don knows I don't like our kitchen table. It wobbles, it has a tile top that collects every little crumb in the house. Don't like it at all. But, it serves its purpose and hasn't been a priority to replace. The table at Big Lots looked nice from a distance, but I thought it must be too good to be true. It wasn't. It didn't have chairs to go with it, and the manager just wanted to get rid of it so put a sign on it for $50. It's solid wood, matches my chairs and now resides in my kitchen. It also has a large leaf that goes in the middle! The legs are a ligther yellow than how it shows in the picture.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Halloween Fun

Cooper did great saying "trick-or-treat" on command. Don brought him to my office, like last year and we walked around the building gathering candy and goodies. One of the goodies was a blow up chair. Very cute. We arrived home, and went back out in the neighborhood. I tried to get get Cooper to actually eat dinner - but that didn't happen. He ended the evening by coming home, and pitching a little tantrum in the kitchen wanting his candy! I now have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.