Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things I love

I have always been interested in skin care, make up, spa treatments and the like. I have recently switched brands and tried some new things that I want to share about. I'm not sure if anyone ever reads this blog, but I'm very happy with these products and am just excited to share about them.

  • Mario Badescu line of skin care. I switched to this line about three weeks ago and I could not be happier. Most of the products I have I bought from Nordstrom's, but I've also ordered twice online. With each online order, I can chose up to three samples - very cool. After using these products for a couple of weeks, my skin has never looked better or felt better. My favorite products are Silver Powder and Special Healing Powder. I have combo/oily skin and have always had blackheads on my nose that have never gone away. Until now. After one application of Silver Powder, they are almost gone! I can't wait to use it again tonight. I have had a problem keeping make up on with my oily skin. It tends to come off or just look splotchy. I use the Special Healing Powder with my regular powder and it stays put! Thank you Mario Badescu! Click here for info on their products.
  • I have always been a fan of MAC Cosmetics. I love their range of colors and that they are friendly to the environment. My new favorite product is glitter eyeliner. It's funny how a little glitter can make a girl feel flirty. My all time favorite product is Lip Glass. You can't go wrong and it makes your lips look devine! Click here for more MAC.
  • A polished brow frames the face. It's very important to keep this area neat and clean. There has been debate about threading versus waxing eyebrows. The lady doing the threading assured me that threading hurt much less than waxing. SHE WAS WRONG! I cried! That was just an awful experience. I'm going back to waxing for sure.

Since I'm not sure if anyone looks at this, I may post this on facebook too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My birthday was Monday and I had a great day - especially since I didn't have to work! The first thing out of my sons mouth that morning was "Happy Birthday Mommy". That alone was the greatest gift. I went to lunch at Hooter's with Joseph & Cooper and we had fun. My husband got me satillate radio for my car. We have to get that installed. My friends took my to lunch yesterday and I got a watch that tells me how many calories I burn during the day. It's pretty cool!

That's the excitement of another year!

Customer Service

Last Saturday, Cooper and I decided to walk around the mall. We have an awesome outdoor mall very near our house. Sometimes we like to go and just walk around (Cooper likes this because there is a good chance that he will get a milk shake or a cookie). We parked at one end by Macy's and planned to make a full lap. I decided to go to Macy's and look for shoes...I really wanted a new pair of peep-toe pumps. We looked for a minute and I found a pair to try on. There were three ladies working in the shoe department and all three were behind the counter by the register. Until I asked to try a shoe on, no one approached me to ask if I needed any assistance. Someone went to get the shoe I wanted and all three stayed at the counter. No one came out from behind the counter to give me the shoes, I had to go and get the shoe. All the while, the three ladies continued to talk. I have to ask - is these tough economic times, why aren't people working harder to keep their jobs? With all types of businesses in hardship, I would think people would do what ever they could and do their very best to stay employed. I guess that doesn't occur to some people?? Bad customer service

On the other side of the coin, Don and I went furniture shopping last night and were overwhelmed with customer service. It really felt like we were at a car lot and being pressured into buying furniture right away. I don't like feeling pressured into buying things...especially expensive furniture.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spa day...

I am finally going to do something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have a spa appointment tomorrow after work. I am going to get a mani/pedi and a European Facial. Hubby will be out of town, and Cooper will be spending the night with his grandma. A relaxing night alone! WooHoo!! I'm looking forward to coming home and really relaxing all by myself!