Monday, March 23, 2009

Wella's 90th

This past Saturday we celebrated Don's grandma's 90th birthday (everyone calls her Wella). She is adorable and it was a great party that went late into the night. Although I left around 9:30. My MIL forgot to tell Joseph about the party - so I texted him Saturday, and fortunately, he didn't have much going on and was able to go! I was very excited about that! Cooper had a great time! He danced and played with his cousins and was completely exhausted.

He was so pooped that when we woke up the next morning, he begged to have a jammie day and not go to church. So, I agreed...I kinda needed a jammie day too.

Don got home from SXSW around 5:30 on Sunday and as usual, was just there in the physical - not at all mentally.

My cousins wedding shower is coming up - and I have to figure out something to give! I started knitting this weekend - maybe I can quickly knit up some dishcloths for her.

I am really hoping that Don goes back to work soon! I really miss shopping!!

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