Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love to buy make up. I especially love to buy MAC make up because they have such a great variety of colors whether you are looking for a new eyeshadow, or lipstick or glitter eyeliner. I have joked with many MAC salespeople over the years that I should create a list of things/colors I currently have, to eliminate the chance of duplication. And wouldn't you know it - it happened. One neutral eye shadow color was duplicated. That isn't too much of a big deal - but I didn't realize it until I finally drug out my make up stashes and went through it all and created a spreadsheet of my MAC cosmetics. I carefully went through it all and I organized it the way I wanted, and as I looked at it - I noticed that the lipsticks looked a little light - I thought I had more. But maybe I just wasn't as bad as I thought. After looking at it, I realized, I have an entire make up bag under the sink with a TON of lipstick in it. I need to go through that real soon and update all my stuff. Besides, going through all that might make me feel like I was buying something new, again!

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