Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have been trying really hard to lose weight - and I'm finally doing it!  I've lost 12 pounds so far!  This week has been terrible (as in eating and lack of exercise).  I went to dinner with the girls - for Italian - one of my many weaknesses and yes, I was bad.  Then, yesterday I had two terrible muscle cramps that stopped me from working out.  I made it to the gym today during lunch, but my workout was cut short due to a meeting.  That's ok - I was nervous about today's workout, because my calf muscles are still sore from yesterdays cramps!  But I made it 30 minutes on the treadmill (instead of 40).  But I made it there!  I did do a little more jogging on the treadmill today, so that was good.  My goal is to do all jogging - no walking!

Bottom line is that I am proud of myself for sticking with exercise and sticking with eating right (most of the time).  I really can't wait to see how far I can go and keep this up.  I'm looking forward to skinner me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Biggest Loser!

Some co-worker friends of mine and I are participating in our own version of Biggest Loser challenge.  We created the rules, have weekly weigh-ins, and the progress is awesome.  We are five weeks in and I have lost 12 pounds!  This is better than anything I have ever been able to accomplish with Weight Watchers or anything else on my own.  I am simply working out regularly and watching my calories (keeping them around 1200 per day) and that is it!  I have more determination this time around than I ever have before and for once, I am very excited!! 

Some have asked me what is different this time around the weight loss merri-go-round?  And the difference is I turned 40.  That was huge for me.  I have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  I would like to avoid all of that if I can help it. 

And yes, I am kicking some booty on the challenge.  I won the monthly challenge - the girls had to take me to lunch last week (awesome salad place).  I lost another two pounds at today's weigh-in.  I am surprised and proud of myself at the same time.  And determined to win the challenge overall!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Great find

I have been on a foundation quest for many years.  The quest for the perfect foundation.  My idea of a perfect foundation is one that looks flawless, and most importantly - STAYS PUT.  I have always had oily skin, so my make up blotches.  Additionally, I live in Texas where 100 degree days are common, so the heat would just melt make up away even faster on my oily skin.  After some extensive internet research and make up blog stalking, I have found a product I like.  It's not a new foundation, but a primer of sorts.  It's by Smashbox called ANTI-SHINE.
I was skeptical at first - how could a product absorb oil or prohibit the production of it so that my make up will last most of the day (or at least until lunch)?  The package is not a lot to look at and the $27 price tag for such a small tube is enough to shy anyone away.  I bit the bullet and I was pleasantly surprised.  I am a big fan of MAC Studio Fix make up and these two products work great together. 

I think it's early to admit my search is over, because I am just never happy - BUT this has put the search for perfect foundation on the back burner for now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another product fav

Ulta had a HUGE sale over the past 21 days.  I took advantage of several of the great sales that Ulta had.  I'll review more polish stuff later - but what I'd like to chat about is Urban Decay's lip gloss in Naked.  It says it's lip plumping, and it does do that ever so slightly.  It feels good on and tingly - I'm sure it's the mint infused to make the lips look "plumped".  I don't know what the technical term is, but it works good on me.  The color I chose was Naked.  It is a great color on me as a red-head.  It's not too bright, and not too dark.  I use it with a nude lip liner as a base and it adds just the right amount of lip color as to not fight with strong or dramatic eye make up colors.

I'll give this gloss a 3 out of 4.  I also want to give a thums up for the packaging.  The top makes it easy to find in my purse when I'm just feeling around and digging for that particular lip gloss.  Great job Urban Decay!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nail obsession

I have recently been obsessed with nail color.  I have always been a fan of all things cosmetic, however my recent nail polish fetish has me taken.  I got a great deal on a mani/pedi yesterday and got this color on fingers and toes.  I'm going to Ulta today to see if I can find it to add to my collection (and I got a little chip in the polish that is bothering me!).  It's hard to tell from the photo but it has some bluish/grayish/greenish qualities to it. It rocks! 

For my eyes today, I'm trying not to be too trendy - or too young for my newly 40 age.  I have been adding a little pop of color - but not too much that it is over-done for the office.  I applied MAC Retro-speck all over the lid and added MAC Coquette in the crease and corner.  Followed by MAC Powerpoint eyeliner ind Fly-By-Blu.  I'm currently using Lash Blast Volume mascara in black brown (it goes best with my red hair).

My make up search continues for the perfect nude lip color for pale-skinned redheads, as well as foundation that will stay on my oily skin. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm super excited that I'm going home to my Dad's for Thanksgiving!  I will get to visit with friends, hang out with family, and have some great times with family I haven't seen in years!  I had lost touch with my cousins Angela & Tracy years ago - and recently found them on facebook!  I'm super excited to catch up and see their kids again (although they are big kids now) and they will get to meet Cooper.

I was looking around for some things to knit for Christmas and ran across a neat pattern for mini-mitten ornaments.  I am going to try this out this weekend and hopefully post samples soon.

I'm also very excited about this weekend - NO MORE FOOTBALL!!  I'm really looking forward to doing nothing all day!  I hope that works for me!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Proud Mama

Cooper does things all the time that make me proud.  He also does things that make me laugh or just shake my head!  But when a note from school came home about a special appointment, I was overjoyed and beamed with pride!

Cooper has been chosen to be in a program called "Connections".  A couple of times a month, he and another student will have lunch with an autistic student (and his teacher) in a smaller setting than the cafeteria.  This will allow the autistic student to learn to build friendships and learn socialization skills as well.  His teacher said she chose Cooper because she thinks he is a good role model.  Well, so do I!!  Way to go Cooper! 

I am thankful to God to have a child that is caring and compassionate for others.  It is my prayer that this not only has a positive impact on the autistic child - but on Cooper and the other student chosen in this program as well. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My boy has grown...

So much has been going on since I last blogged.  For one, Cooper finished t-ball and we were 1st place!  He is now playing football and is a Cub Scout.  Sometimes I just can't believe how much he has grown!

I went to Target yesterday and saw a display for Halloween themed Kraft Mac & Cheese. I was very excited, because I thought that would go great with the Halloween-themed dinner of mummy-dogs (it's kind of a tradition now). As I put the box away last night, I got to thinking about how much Cooper has grown and I remember when he was little - he called mac & cheese "maroni", and my heart sank.  He's six years old and in 1st grade - when did that happen? 

Cooper - if you read this one day, please know that I love you and I am very proud of you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Revolution

I had been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on tv ... and I loved it.  I admit, I used to be the kind of mom that put a sandwich and chips in my son's lunch box and carried on.  After watching the series, I have implemented new rules in our house with regards to eating.

First, Cooper's lunch consists of half a sandwich, a vegetable and a fruit (typically carrots or yellow and red peppers with some strawberries or grapes).  I have been proud of myself for taking the time and also, proud of Cooper for eating it and making good choices.

When I got home from work everyday, there was evidence that someone (MIL, Cooper, Don) would have fast food of some kind - EVERY DAY.  You think I'm kidding - I'm not.  Gross!!  Anyway, Cooper has a new rules (and it helps Don eat more carefully as well) with regards to eating after school (and summer eating as well).  I hope the rules will take the burdon off of MIL and Don and they won't become lazy about food.  The rules are:

Cooper's after-school & summer food list

Cooper CAN have:
Peanutbutter and crackers
cheese and crackers
Carrots (or other veggies) with ranch
Ice cream/candy/cakes/pie/cupcakes/cookies/jell-o, etc. ONLY IF he ate ALL of what was given to him and is still hungry.
Water/apple juice/orange juice/milk to drink

Cooper can NOT have:
Ice cream/candy/cakes/pie/cupcakes/cookies/jell-o, etc (see above)
Happy meal or kids meal of any kind from ANY fast food restaurant
Fast Food of any kind
No food at all after 4:30 PM (so that he will have a good appetite for dinner - EXCEPTION is Tball game day when he needs to eat dinner at 5:00)
If he says he is still hungry - water or milk will help fill him up

The above is posted on the fridge...hopefully this will work!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New things...

I received a box of samples from Kraft last night.  I have to say that the Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins were totally yummy.  I just had them as a snack with some cheddar and it hit the spot!  It will hold me until I am done with my lunchtime shopping trip to Target for some $0.69 Seventh Gen dish soap.  Good deals make me happy!