Monday, September 18, 2006

Crazy Weekend

On Saturday, we went to Don's dad's office to get Don and Joseph and adjustment (Don's dad is a chiroprator). We went to Wal*Mart later in the afternoon and had a lazy evening. On Sunday, Cooper and I went to Bible Study at 9:00 and stayed for the 10:30 service at church. I went home at noon - fixed lunch for Coop - then went to Liberty's baby shower at 1:30. Cooper and I stayed until 3:00 when he got really cranky (no nap) and he fell asleep on the way home. I had to be back at church for a class at 4:00 and was there until 6:00. I came home fixed Cooper dinner, we all put our jammies on and lounged for the rest of the night. I went to rock Cooper at about 8:20 PM and we both fell asleep in the chair! When I woke up and came out of Cooper's room, Don figured either Cooper gave me a hard time - or I fell asleep. Deep down, he knew.

Blogger is having trouble with pictures today - so I'll post pics of Liberty's present later.
Update: Here are the pics - I made her a MD burp cloth and a modified MD bib.

Also this weekend - I received my swap pal dish cloths. I just love them. She did such a great job! I'll post more later - when blogger lets me post pics!!
Update: Here are the pics - thanks again Stephanie! You can see more about Stephanie at

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Family Madness

Cooper's "baby" has been missing since last night. (Baby pictured here on Cooper's lap) Don and I searched and searched and couldn't find him. So, I had to put him to bed last night without Baby. It wasn't easy. I just told Cooper that Daddy would find him. He eventually fell asleep - but it was late. This morning, my MIL retraced her steps with him yesterday and Baby was nowhere to be found. So began the online search for another one. Don finally motivated himself at some point (I'll explain in a minute) and did another search. I asked him to check the garage. Sometimes on the way into the house, Cooper will get side-tracked by a tool or something else he isn't supposed to touch or play with and drop Baby like a hot potato. Anyway - my husband listened to his all-knowing wife and began the search around some of his favorite sites in the garage. Sure enough - Baby was behind the bin of dog food! THANK GOODNESS Baby was found.

And now - on to the husband. He thinks he's on his death bed. I swear he's worse than Cooper when he doesn't feel good. He just has some sinus drainage (no fever, no sore throat) and he thinks he's dying. Last night when I got home from work, he was in bed watching TV and had his jammies on. When I got up this morning, there was an empty Crown Royal bottle on the counter (he didn't drink it all - there was only a little bit left) and other evidence where he made himself a hot toddie (I think that's how it's spelled?). And today, he took a morning nap because he didn't sleep very well. He got up and found Baby - but he probably went back to bed. Men are pansies!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I've been getting along a lot better with my MIL. It takes a great deal of patience, but I like myself better when I'm in a good mood - rather than when I'm cranky about things she does. She doesn't mean any harm. But, here's a funny story from yesterday. I got home from work, changed clothes and started dinner. She hung around for a little bit. When I walked into the kitchen, she was feeding him something while he sat on the counter - it looked like pudding. So I say, "yummy yummy Cooper - Grandma got you some pudding" and my MIL answered - "no, it's not pudding, it's prunes". She was feeding him Gerber baby prunes. She continued, "his breath stinks real bad because he's constipated, so I'm giving him some prunes". I really had to control myself from laughing and screaming! But I said nothing. I wanted to tell her that no, his breath stinks for two reasons, first, because he just finished dinner and hasn't brushed his teeth, and second, because he's having a bad allergy day and has been breathing out of his mouth instead of his stuffed up nose all day!! I'm no medical professional, but to my knowledge, the two aren't directly connected. I've tried to explain to her that Cooper is not constipated. She continues to believe that he is. Oh well, I'm chosing not to fight that battle any more.

Can you believe that I paid $2.26 for gas this morning! YIPEE!

Also, I have to do a BUNCH of knitting this week. I have a baby shower to go to this Sunday, and I'm not done with one thing and haven't started the other gift. I need to get a move on! I'll post pictures after I gift them.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Lots of television channels had 9/11 programming on this weekend and I tuned in to a few of them. Last night, Don and I watched a documentary that started out as a documentary on NY firefighters, and ended up being a 9/11 documentary. Don and I like to comment on what we watch - as it's usually something that we've seen before. However, last night we were quiet. No sarcasm, no comments - just some reflection and remembering. It was a great documentary and I highly recommend it!

I've also been listening to the CNN pipeline of 9/11/01. They are replaying their broadcast exactly as it was broadcast on that day. It's amazing listening to it. I remember the chaos, but not the extent of the chaos.

I pray for those mourning those lost, I pray for the rescue workers still suffering and I pray for our country. God Bless America. In God We Trust. Amen.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Good to be home

Last Thursday, Cooper and I left with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Freddy to the Annual Family Reunion. I love the we do this every year. I just wish I lived closer so that I could see everyone more. It was an eight hour drive and Cooper did great! I didn't even have to hook up the DVD player! He was facinated with all the "big trucks" on the road and made sure to point each and every one of them out to all of us. We had great fun visiting with everyone and most importantly, Cooper got to interact and play with his cousins. Cooper only got to hang out with his Pawpaw for a day - Dad couldn't make it to the reunion, he had to work - total bumber! But he did hang out with his Nana and he like that a lot.

I did a little knitting, but not too much - there was a lot going on.