Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MIL Strikes Again

It's been a while since I have written about my MIL. We try to stay out of each others' hair as much as possible - it just makes our lives easier. Yesterday, I knew she was out and about with Cooper so I tried to call her around 1:00 pm, then probably 1:30 ish, then 2:00 ish, etc. I called again around 3:00 and again, like the times before, no answer - just ringing. About 15 seconds after I hung up from the last call my husband called me. He said, "mom just called, and she's at the laundry mat and wants you to stop calling her because she can't talk, she'll call you later". To this I responded..."your mom called you to tell you to call me to tell me to stop calling her? Why didn't she just pick up one of my calls and tell me that she would call me back in a little bit?" INSANITY!


  1. That is insane! are so much better than me...I'd have called her right back!