Friday, March 20, 2009


This may be a first...but I worked out three days this week. Each day, I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes and walked approximately 1.5 miles each day. This is the first time I have had any amount of consistancy in an exercise routine. So YEAH me! I need to try to fit some exercise into this weekend - maybe a video in the morning.

I've realized that in order for me to change things, I have to do them one at a time - instead of all at once!! For example, I've been trying to be good all well, exercise, take care of my skin, take my vitamins, improve my overall health, do my nails more, take better care of my hair. I usually try to do all of this all at once, get burned out in a week and go on a binge of food while laying on the couch with bad skin, hair and nails. I've made a slight change. This time, I'm doing things one at a time. I may have done things a little out of order, but this is working for me (for now). I first started with skin. My skincare routine was seriously lacking consistency. I have my routine set in stone (or at least written out in my filofax) and I enjoy following it religiously. Second, I began taking my vitamins regularly. I have found a system that helps me remember to take them - at it too is working. Third, I have worked-out three days this week. I know, it's just one week - but it's a start...and I have been doing good with my other new habits that it's only a matter of time before working out is a habit. Once that goal is achieved, I'll work on eating better. See, one thing at a time. I expect by the end of this journey I will look and feel younger (with great skin, hair and nails and a rockin bod!)

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