Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I went to Trade Secret last night to pick up some nail polish. I didn't know what I would get, but was in the mood (and the $10 off coupon helped the mood). I got a nice pale pink for spring for my fingers and a couple of other fun colors out of my comfort zone. The farthest color away from my comfort zone by far is the black nail polish I bought. I actually can't wait to put it on tonight. When I paint my nails a dark color, my toes have to match...so I have to do both my nails and toes black tonight. It will be interesting to say the least.

Since today is St. Patrick's day, I am of course wearing green (sweater set). I couldn't bring myself to buy/wear green nail polish, so I opted for a gold-tone (pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - get it?!). It looks cool - but I have the urge to go black before the summer. Perhaps I'll post photos of the black nails and toes!

Back to last night - I went to Trade Secret after work. They were running a special on OPI nail polish...buy 2 get Rapid Dry Spray for free. Great deal (especially with my $10 off to boot!). There is a big sign on the OPI display about the promotion as well as a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk of the store. I had to tell the little girl working there about the promotion. She didn't know. So at the check out, I ask for my free product. She looks around franticly and can't find it. She leaves a message for her manager. Another teenager comes in to work and together, they look for the Rapid Dry Spray. No luck. So the little girl says to me, "maybe if you see the manager she will give you one". So I say to her, "how about you take down my information and have your manager call me". She looks at me like that was the greatest idea she has ever heard. By lunch time today, the manager hadn't called me. So I called her - and again - customer service is severely LACKING! With so many retailers struggling to keep their doors open, I would want to make sure that whatever customers I had - kept coming back!

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