Monday, September 18, 2006

Crazy Weekend

On Saturday, we went to Don's dad's office to get Don and Joseph and adjustment (Don's dad is a chiroprator). We went to Wal*Mart later in the afternoon and had a lazy evening. On Sunday, Cooper and I went to Bible Study at 9:00 and stayed for the 10:30 service at church. I went home at noon - fixed lunch for Coop - then went to Liberty's baby shower at 1:30. Cooper and I stayed until 3:00 when he got really cranky (no nap) and he fell asleep on the way home. I had to be back at church for a class at 4:00 and was there until 6:00. I came home fixed Cooper dinner, we all put our jammies on and lounged for the rest of the night. I went to rock Cooper at about 8:20 PM and we both fell asleep in the chair! When I woke up and came out of Cooper's room, Don figured either Cooper gave me a hard time - or I fell asleep. Deep down, he knew.

Blogger is having trouble with pictures today - so I'll post pics of Liberty's present later.
Update: Here are the pics - I made her a MD burp cloth and a modified MD bib.

Also this weekend - I received my swap pal dish cloths. I just love them. She did such a great job! I'll post more later - when blogger lets me post pics!!
Update: Here are the pics - thanks again Stephanie! You can see more about Stephanie at

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  1. I'm glad you like them! Yay!

    I'm also glad I no longer have to lurk about your blog because I was your secret knitter. I can post comments. =D

    I love the baby bib with the ruffles - it's super cute.