Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I've been getting along a lot better with my MIL. It takes a great deal of patience, but I like myself better when I'm in a good mood - rather than when I'm cranky about things she does. She doesn't mean any harm. But, here's a funny story from yesterday. I got home from work, changed clothes and started dinner. She hung around for a little bit. When I walked into the kitchen, she was feeding him something while he sat on the counter - it looked like pudding. So I say, "yummy yummy Cooper - Grandma got you some pudding" and my MIL answered - "no, it's not pudding, it's prunes". She was feeding him Gerber baby prunes. She continued, "his breath stinks real bad because he's constipated, so I'm giving him some prunes". I really had to control myself from laughing and screaming! But I said nothing. I wanted to tell her that no, his breath stinks for two reasons, first, because he just finished dinner and hasn't brushed his teeth, and second, because he's having a bad allergy day and has been breathing out of his mouth instead of his stuffed up nose all day!! I'm no medical professional, but to my knowledge, the two aren't directly connected. I've tried to explain to her that Cooper is not constipated. She continues to believe that he is. Oh well, I'm chosing not to fight that battle any more.

Can you believe that I paid $2.26 for gas this morning! YIPEE!

Also, I have to do a BUNCH of knitting this week. I have a baby shower to go to this Sunday, and I'm not done with one thing and haven't started the other gift. I need to get a move on! I'll post pictures after I gift them.

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  1. Ahhh...MIL woes. I have them too. Good job taking the high road with that one. Mine tends to think that headaches mean strokes...just a little paranoid don't ya think? Good luck with the gift items. I too have babies due soon and gifts to finish.