Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yes, I am a slacker! I have had a lot of stuff going on lately, and I just haven't been in the mood to blog. A lot of stuff happend at work and it really upset me - but I'm mostly over it now and maybe I can pull myself together and begin to blog again.

And knitting news - I have been working on a gift for a friends baby shower this weekend - I thought a MD kimono and booties. I'm not done with the kimono yet and haven't even started the booties - I'd better get on the ball!!

I think I'm coming down with strep throat AGAIN! I'll go to the doctor today (they have an after-hours clinic from 6-8pm). I have to wait until then, as I have two meetings that I can't miss today. FIGURES!

And to other news - I just love my new church. I'm getting involved and I just love everyone there. And Cooper loves it too. The past two Saturday's when he woke up from his nap, he cried when he realized that it wasn't Sunday and he couldn't go to Sunday school. The teachers are just awesome and the just adore him and give him the love and attention that he needs. And, Cooper is learning to play with other kids. I was picking up the living room the other day and he starting singing the clean-up song - "clean up, clean up, everybody". He's already learned so much from them, and I get a peace knowing he's also learning about God and Jesus.

The two people that come over every day to work with Don are strange. Tammy and Tim. They are both in their 20's and seriously lack manners!! I'm not sure what they were taught growing up, but what happened Monday night really upset me. I cooked dinner - pork chops. Tammy doesn't like pork chops, so I thought it was just me, Don, Cooper and Tim. But Tammy was really hungry and wanted to eat. Before I got the table set (spinach was still on the stove), Tammy and Tim just started eating! They ate, and ate and didn't say a word. They were done and got up before Don and I were even half way finished with our meal. Don and I talked and we decided that we would talk to them and set the rules. We have kids that we are trying to raise to be respectful and have manners and we don't want them to see this type of behvior and think it's OK to eat and run. The new rule, we sit at the table and before ANYONE (except maybe Cooper) starts to eat, we pray. Then everyone stays at the table until everyone is done. Then we all get up and begin to clean up. I've struggled to get Don and Joseph on beard with this and now that I have, I don't want these two to mess it up.

The other thing that bugs me is that Tammy uses my milk (that I take my vitamins with everyday) as her creamer in her coffee. I should say my coffee that she makes every day. That has to stop as well. I will occasionally feed them dinner, but I will not support someone elses habit!!

That's all for now.

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  1. Hey there from one slacker blogger to another. Congrats on the new church. I hope we find one soon. It's been a year since our move and still haven't settled on one.
    The bad manners thing is tuff. The one thing we are kinda strick on is dinner manners. No one eats till everyone is seated and no one gets up till everyone is done and the kids are excused. Stick to your guns girl and I hope things even out soon.