Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Hectic Life!

My life got really hectic for a little bit! Don and I are looking at houses and then BAM! The entire clan of us got sick. I think we got it really bad, we had strep throat, and I think we had a cold in addition to that, because we were all really sick. We are recovering and almost normal. I have to remember to take pictures of the suede drop-stitch scarf I made for my step-mom's birthday coming up.

While we were all sick, my MIL raided the neighbors trash for a doll bed. She got it for her mother (so she says), however when Cooper wasn't feeling well, he climbed in. This will be great to embarrass him with in his teen years!! Awesome parenting!!

This weekend, I started knitting a shawl for myself. I rarely knit for myself any more, so hopefully I get around to finishing it. I hope I end up liking it. I love the colors, and it will look great with jeans.

Back to the house hunting. We have applied for a mortgage, and I am faithfully praying that it will go through. I am excited about moving for a couple of reasons. First, I'm excited about moving to a neighborhood a little nicer with houses that are a little bigger than the one we have now. And second, because I can clean a bunch of stuff out and away! And third, I will be able to put things in the new house exactly where I want them to be. When Don and I got married, he already had the house we are in now, so we just "made room" for my stuff. But this way, it will totally be ours - and when I say ours, I mean MINE! ha ha. I just get to put things where I want them to go. YIPEE!

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