Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Cooper and I had a great time at Grandmaw Lyons' 85th birthday party. We got to see lots of people and Cooper was great! Not a one bratty moment!! Don was still working, so my MIL had to pick us up at the airport. I called her at 3:00 PM when I was boarding our flight from Little Rock. I told her, "I'll be there at 4:30, see ya then". I got off the plane, turned my phone on and listened to a message from her at 4:40 PM saying. "I'm still waiting for your call, are you here yet? I'm still at Mom's. Call me." What? Are you freaking kidding me - I thought to myself. I called her cell phone right away - she answered -
Where are you?.
I'm here at the airport, where are you
I'm still at moms.
I was waiting for you to call when you got here.
What? That's why I called you at 3:00 to tell you I would be here at 4:30. Why would I wait to call you when I got here?
I'm on my way.

I immediately called Don to tell him this! I was shocked that one person could be that brain-dead. I realize that is harsh, but man! That was a really stupid move!!

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