Thursday, February 9, 2006

My poor kid's sweaty feet

This has been a hectic week. We've had to pick up Joseph every day this week from school and take him back to school the next day. His mom, Julie, had surgery on Monday and was supposed to be home on Tuesday, but a couple minor things happened and she's had to stay longer. Hopefully she'll get to go home today. Not that we mind having Joseph, it's just a little cumbersome having to pick him up and drive him to his school (far away from our house).

I came home last night, Don wasn't home from picking up Joseph (they stopped by the accountant's office to drop off our taxes) and the MIL was there letting Cooper run around like a little mad man. While I was cooking, she was still hanging around and she picked Cooper up to put him in his high chair. I glanced over and was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw. TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS - again with the freakin socks! She said his feet were cold. It was warm enough outside for us to have the A/C on in the house and this woman decided his feet were cold and put two pairs of socks on him. I immediately stopped what I was doing and took off a pair of socks. She said, "feel - his feet are still cold". I touched his feet and said to her in a louder than normal, sarcastic tone, "they aren't cold, they're wet - FROM SWEAT". To which she made no further comment. I had to stop talking to her before I completely lost it. Note to self: pray for forgiveness for terrible and homicidal thoughts!!

Last Saturday, Tina and I took Cooper and Christopher to the park at the new outdoor mall by our house. Cooper thought that was the greatest thing ever. He was fascinated by these two little girls playing together and all the bigger kids.

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