Tuesday, November 29, 2005


As I was working away on Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I called my husband and we chatted for a bit and I started to go over the schedule of events for Thanksgiving. He interupted stating, "oh yeah, dad called the other day and he wants us over there at noon". Ah, you couldn't have thought of that earlier?!? MEN!

That put our schedule a little too packed. Last year, we didn't have dinner at our house, we just hopped around and we hated it. We got home and had no leftovers to eat. So at the last minute, we decided to have dinner at our house on Wednesday night. I think that will be our new tradition. This way we have leftovers and still go to see all the family.

Didn't Cooper look cute in his Thanksgiving outfit - made especially for him by his Nana.

Even though I have been knitting things for Christmas for well over two months, I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I think that I will just knit year-round and people will just get what I have on hand!! Ha ha. We know that won't happen.

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