Tuesday, November 29, 2005


In an effort to catch up on many, many blog-worthy events that have happened recently, the most blog-worthy event is regarding my son's poop. On a daily basis, my mother-in-law thinks that my son is constipated. (I pray daily that he doesn't learn to be like her!!) She asks every day about his bowel movements - which is good for his overall digestive health, and for that I am grateful. However, she really gets into it. A couple of weeks ago, my husband IM'd me and asked me to make a doctor appointment for Cooper so that we can find out if Cooper's poop is normal. My MIL thinks it's too small and too hard?!? I laughed and suggested that we just pull some research from webmd, but alas, my husband had a valid point - his mother won't (can't) read the information. So, I called the doctors office and talked with the nurse. I asked specifically about the size, frequency, consistency, etc of his poop and also explained to the nurse that for the sanity of my dear husband, I need to get these questions answered and to have documentation of said conversation. They were wonderful and complied completely - after laughing - and they thanked me for the laugh - the office had been tense that day. She blew it all off and didn't want to talk about it when I got home that night (even though I had printed off information from the American Academy of Pediatrics Subcomittee on Constipation). That is just her way of wanting to be right).

Just yesterday, Cooper needed to go to the doctor for a skin irratition (ringworm) and this time, I drug my MIL with me. After the PA diagnosed Cooper's current problem, I very casually asked about his poop. MIL just started shuffling Cooper's things around and trying to act distracted as she was embarrassed that I was calling her out. It had to do it. It was not my intention to make her feel bad, but she wouldn't lay off. So now, hopefully, my son will be able to poop without having her freak out!!

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