Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Revolution

I had been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on tv ... and I loved it.  I admit, I used to be the kind of mom that put a sandwich and chips in my son's lunch box and carried on.  After watching the series, I have implemented new rules in our house with regards to eating.

First, Cooper's lunch consists of half a sandwich, a vegetable and a fruit (typically carrots or yellow and red peppers with some strawberries or grapes).  I have been proud of myself for taking the time and also, proud of Cooper for eating it and making good choices.

When I got home from work everyday, there was evidence that someone (MIL, Cooper, Don) would have fast food of some kind - EVERY DAY.  You think I'm kidding - I'm not.  Gross!!  Anyway, Cooper has a new rules (and it helps Don eat more carefully as well) with regards to eating after school (and summer eating as well).  I hope the rules will take the burdon off of MIL and Don and they won't become lazy about food.  The rules are:

Cooper's after-school & summer food list

Cooper CAN have:
Peanutbutter and crackers
cheese and crackers
Carrots (or other veggies) with ranch
Ice cream/candy/cakes/pie/cupcakes/cookies/jell-o, etc. ONLY IF he ate ALL of what was given to him and is still hungry.
Water/apple juice/orange juice/milk to drink

Cooper can NOT have:
Ice cream/candy/cakes/pie/cupcakes/cookies/jell-o, etc (see above)
Happy meal or kids meal of any kind from ANY fast food restaurant
Fast Food of any kind
No food at all after 4:30 PM (so that he will have a good appetite for dinner - EXCEPTION is Tball game day when he needs to eat dinner at 5:00)
If he says he is still hungry - water or milk will help fill him up

The above is posted on the fridge...hopefully this will work!

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