Friday, April 8, 2011

Great find

I have been on a foundation quest for many years.  The quest for the perfect foundation.  My idea of a perfect foundation is one that looks flawless, and most importantly - STAYS PUT.  I have always had oily skin, so my make up blotches.  Additionally, I live in Texas where 100 degree days are common, so the heat would just melt make up away even faster on my oily skin.  After some extensive internet research and make up blog stalking, I have found a product I like.  It's not a new foundation, but a primer of sorts.  It's by Smashbox called ANTI-SHINE.
I was skeptical at first - how could a product absorb oil or prohibit the production of it so that my make up will last most of the day (or at least until lunch)?  The package is not a lot to look at and the $27 price tag for such a small tube is enough to shy anyone away.  I bit the bullet and I was pleasantly surprised.  I am a big fan of MAC Studio Fix make up and these two products work great together. 

I think it's early to admit my search is over, because I am just never happy - BUT this has put the search for perfect foundation on the back burner for now.

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