Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Interesting... and smart

Cooper was very tired yesterday - he had no nap. MIL said that he wouldn't nap - and that he said "no nap grandma". Who is the grown up here??

Anyway, while in the bath tub last night, Cooper was playing with his foam letters and numbers. He loves to play with them. We've been working on colors, so when he picks up a letter or number he tells me what color it is, "mommy this is geen" or "mommy this is yeddow". Lots of fun. Last night, he picked up the yellow letter T and I was prepared to hear him announce that it was yellow or yeddow as he calls it - but he proudly tells me "mommy this is T" and picks up another one and says "mommy this is I" (correct again) "mommy this is J", and "mommy this is W" (correct again, but butchered the pronunciation adorably) "mommy this is O". I found this completely fascinating since when we sing the ABC song, we can't get past G, put he can pick out and name several letters at random. I have to wonder - is he getting this from watching PBS? Sesame Street has a letter of the day, maybe he picked it up from that. I haven't taught him any of this - or maybe Sunday School? My MIL doesn't read to him at all, so I can't imagine it was her - and I can't ask, because she would take credit for it anyway - she takes credit for ALL of his accomplishments. My boy is just so smart!!

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