Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A night without Baby

I got a frantic call from my MIL at 4:15 yesterday saying that she couldn't find Baby. She thought Baby was left at Wellas. She said that she would go back over there and get Baby (it's about 45 minute drive), but I told her to wait. She couldn't afford the gas, besides, she was going back over there today anyway, so one night without Baby would be too bad.

Cooper was in a very strange mood - and being a bad little boy (found out later that he didn't have a nap AT ALL). Anyway, a little after 8:00 PM - Cooper started looking around for Baby - and looked at me and asked, "Mommy, where's Baby". I decided not to totally lie to Cooper - so I said that Baby was taking a little vacation, and going to spend the night at Wella's. And that Baby would be back tomorrow. That didn't go over well at all. He stood in the middle of the floor and made the ugly-cry face and just balled. I felt so bad. I tried a distraction - bath time! That worked for a little bit. We got his jammies on and went into the living room and he cried again for Baby. Daddy to the rescue - he said he had a surprise for Cooper - peanuts! He sat with Daddy, ate a few peanuts and fell asleep. I really thought we lucked out! Until Cooper woke up crying for Baby at 1:30 AM. I went and got him and brought him to bed with us. He is a restless sleeper - he kicked me in the back all night long!

Hopefully, my MIL will be able to get Baby today!!

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