Monday, April 24, 2006

My little big boy

This was a good weekend. We had fun - just hanging out. Saturday night we went to dinner at Freebird's, on Sunday we took Cooper for a walk in his wagon and we played in the back yard. Cooper's new favorite word is "no". I'll say, "Coopie, let's change your diaper" and he'll stand there without looking up and say over and over again, "no, no".

We decided on Saturday, that Cooper needed to give up the bottle. We tried this once before, but then Cooper got a stomach bug, and needed to drink a lot of fluids. It was easier to do this with a bottle, so we gave in. Then, we wouldn't pick up another cup. So when Cooper got up on Sunday morning, I gave him a cup of milk (instead of a bottle) and he drank it, but he didn't like it. He would stand at the gate and cry "papa, papa" which means food in Spanish. I soon realized that he wasn't hungry, but trying to get me to take him to the pantry so that he could get a bottle. But, Mama was a step ahead. I hid all the bottles. The real test will be today with his grandma - she's a huge sucker!! But, I didn't tell anyone where I hid the bottles.

Here we are playing in the back yard last night after dinner - Cooper didn't want to play with the motorcycle - he wanted the mud! I watched in horror when he stuck his finger in some mud, and ATE IT! It was so gross!

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