Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cooper meets the sidewalk!

The day before yesterday, Cooper was very active in the afternoon. It was cool outside, so my MIL was leary of taking him outside, but Don convinced her it would be OK with his jacket on (his cool denim one that his Nana and Papa got him - it has a hood too!). Anyway, she did, and like I said, he was full of energy. He's beginning to learn about boundries. We've told him he can play in the yard, but he can't go past the sidewalk (they were in the front because Don and I have to fix the fence in the back yard to pen up the big dogs - the are great escape artists). In an effort to test his grandma, he wanted to see how fast she could run. So he took off running down the sidewalk - just then Cooper trips over his own two feet and fell forward without using his hands to catch himself - so his little pumpkin forehead hit the sidewalk pretty hard. As you can see he has a big goose-egg. Poor baby. My poor kid is not at all graceful.

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