Saturday, September 26, 2009

The insanity continues

Sitting around the house just waiting for Joseph to arrive. Yesterday was his 20th birthday. Can't believe that he's 20 already!! Can't believe that he was 11 when Don and I met! Anyway, he is supposed to come over for dinner and cake. MIL is supposed to come over too. It is after 6:00 PM and neither guest is here. I get so discouraged at their lack of courtesy for others. I called Joseph this afternoon - and haven't heard from him since. Not sure if he's even left Sherman yet. I called MIL an hour ago and she still had "company". Someone came over to help her with something, and now she can't leave. Excuse me? IT'S YOUR GRANDSONS BIRTHDAY - ASK THEM TO LEAVE!! I digress.

Anyway, everything is ready to assemble. Just have to put it in the oven when the guest of honor arrives. I should have known that it would end up like this. I keep believing in people and I keep getting let down. I shouldn't let them bother me.

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