Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Customer Service

Last Saturday, Cooper and I decided to walk around the mall. We have an awesome outdoor mall very near our house. Sometimes we like to go and just walk around (Cooper likes this because there is a good chance that he will get a milk shake or a cookie). We parked at one end by Macy's and planned to make a full lap. I decided to go to Macy's and look for shoes...I really wanted a new pair of peep-toe pumps. We looked for a minute and I found a pair to try on. There were three ladies working in the shoe department and all three were behind the counter by the register. Until I asked to try a shoe on, no one approached me to ask if I needed any assistance. Someone went to get the shoe I wanted and all three stayed at the counter. No one came out from behind the counter to give me the shoes, I had to go and get the shoe. All the while, the three ladies continued to talk. I have to ask - is these tough economic times, why aren't people working harder to keep their jobs? With all types of businesses in hardship, I would think people would do what ever they could and do their very best to stay employed. I guess that doesn't occur to some people?? Bad customer service

On the other side of the coin, Don and I went furniture shopping last night and were overwhelmed with customer service. It really felt like we were at a car lot and being pressured into buying furniture right away. I don't like feeling pressured into buying things...especially expensive furniture.

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