Thursday, November 1, 2007

We just had to have some drama!

Recently, life with a three year old has become more of a challenge. Nothing comes easy, and everything is a struggle. When we carved our pumpkin, Cooper pitched a fit because we wouldn't let him use a knife. Then he wanted to use the scooper thing, but whined when he got is hands dirty.

Halloween night started out just fine. It was dusk and we hit a few houses on our new street. Kids were everywhere and we got to meet some of our new neighbors that we hadn't met yet. Then, we took Cooper to some of Diana's friends houses to trick-or-treat. Around 7:30 he started to get tired. He asked me to hold his bucket (at first - NO ONE could hold his bucket), then we wanted Daddy to hold him. So we called it quits and were home a little before 8:00. He was checking a few things out and actually wasn't trying to eat all the candy he could grab. He was really studying his stash. But then, he kept putting is hands in his mouth. He has one of those white bumps on his tounge that hurt. He kept messing with it until he accidently stuck his finger too far - and you guessed it - puked. Oh well, he had a good time anyway. Here he is in his costume, and click the flickr link to see more.

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