Thursday, October 11, 2007

For the love of peas...

Night before last, we were having a lovely family dinner of grilled chicken, augrotin potatoes and peas. Cooper has decided that he likes to eat at the table with us, instead of at his high chair. He feels he's a big boy and likes it, so we've been letting him. Recently, he's been sticking his finger up his nose - A LOT. We are constantly telling him to get his finger out of his nose. Even at the dinner table. The other night was no exception. Towards the end of the meal, again, we told Cooper to take his finger out of his nose, here's how the rest went:
Cooper: (whine, pout)
Me: What's the matter?
Cooper: It hurts.
Me: What hurts, your nose?
Cooper: uh huh.
Me: Why?
Cooper: Cus ders a pea in der
So, I grab the flashlight and take a peek and in his right nostril is a pea. Plain as day. We grab the tweezers and I can't get it. So Don takes over. We can't get it with the tweezers. Don tries to sprinkle pepper near him so that he will sneeze and the pea will come flying out - no luck there either. Don finally gets Cooper calmed down a little and then gets a toothpick. He's then able to get the pea out. I was a basket case the whole time. I was even calling the nurse line that is set up with our insurance company.

This may be a sign of things to come!

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