Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another crazy MIL story

I called my MIL yesterday to check on Cooper like I usually do. She told me what he had for breakfast, we talked for a minute, etc. Then she said that she was outside cleaning her patio furniture and that Cooper ruined his shirt - here's how the conversation unfolded:

Me: How did he manage to ruin his shirt?
MIL: Well, he was playing in the dirt, and I was spraying my furniture with that spray cleaner with bleach from the dollar store. When I got to scrubbing, I got distracted and didn't notice that Cooper was playing in the bleach puddle on the chair.
Me: What?
MIL: Well, you shouldn't put him in good clothes to come over here - I had to get that done.
ME: I realize that you need to do certain things around the house, and his ruined shirt is not my concern, I'm concerned that he was playing with bleach. That's very dangerous.
MIL: I washed his hands.
ME: That's great, how long was he there, did he touch is eyes, did it irritate his skin? I don't use cleaners with harsh chemicals for this very reason, I don't want my child exposed to those dangers.
MIL: It was that cleaner from the dollar store, so it probably didn't have any bleach in it.
ME: If it bleached his shirt, IT HAS BLEACH IN IT!
MIL: Well, I had to get it done. I'll buy him another shirt.

She just doesn't get it. It wasn't a nice shirt that I put him in, it was just a play shirt. I wasn't concerned about the clothes, it's just that she is absent minded sometimes and doesn't keep a close enough eye on him to see that he was playing in a puddle of bleach! I am grateful that he wasn't hurt in any way.

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