Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lazy blogging

I've actually had plenty to say - just not a whole lot of time to write it all down. It's only four days before Christmas and things are getting HECTIC. I don't have a whole lot of stuff going on, and my shopping is pretty much done, but maybe in a few days I'll have the time to catch up. I'm still knitting like a mad woman. I shipped out all Christmas stuff and just have a few more things to knit. My friend Julie just found out that she is having a little boy in late April, so I have some good baby knitting coming up! I just love knitting for babies. That's about all for now - I'll blog more when I'm off next week.

I'm also very excited that my LYS is having their annual end of year 30% off sale a week from Saturday - AND I have a gift card so I'm extra excited about that. I'l have to go after Christmas and before the sale to pre-plan my purchases! YIPEE!

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