Monday, July 31, 2006

What a Vacation!

Cooper was such a good little boy! He was great on the plane - both on the way to Mom's and back! I boarded first with him and as everyone else boarded the plane - I could see in everyone's eyes - they didn't want to sit near us! I can't really blame them. I used to think the same thing. On each plane, the people around us commented on what a good boy he was. Made me feel like a proud mama!!

We had some great fun, Jeff and Sydney came up to see us for a few days, so the cousins got to play together. We went swimming a few times out on the boat. And once Cooper saw Sydney jump off the side of the boat, Cooper just had to do it too! I almost had a heart attack - but he was having so much fun! It was just pure joy on his little face. Here's a couple of pics, and there's a lot more if you click the link on the right.

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