Monday, May 1, 2006

The Brooks Boys

Look at all this family fun! Don was playing "ride the horsey" with Cooper and Joseph was laughing so I suppose Don was feeling nostalgic - so he made Joseph get on the horsey, too! Then Joseph put Cooper on his knee and it was just too cute. Silly times this weekend.

Cooper was so funny this weekend. He learned "OK". I would ask, "do you want some juice?" and he quickly respond "OK!". He said it everytime I asked him a question - really cute!

Cooper also kinda freaked out about his shorts. He was in the romper in the picture above, and he kept trying to pull the ends of his shorts down to his ankles saying over and over again, "pants, pants, pants". He was a little distressed about it and there was some anxioty in his little voice. Don and I kept telling him that everything was OK, and that there is no evil in shorts, and it did take some convincing. My MIL kept telling me about him doing this, but when I put shorts on him on the weekends, he didn't make a big deal about it. I wondered why when I came home from work everyday he was in sweat pants! I put all his sweat pants away and just put shorts, t-shirts and other summer clothes in his drawers. Hopefully, the MIL won't give in and put sweats on him - it's going to be 90 today!!

It's been a full week on the sippie cup and all is fine with our boy! He has only occasionally asked for a bottle, but takes the cup just fine. The key to this success, I believe, was hiding all the bottles from my MIL!!

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