Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Don and I had our first parent/teacher conference this morning with Cooper's teacher. It was awesome! I didn't think she would have anything negative to say about Cooper, but he's doing better academically than I thought he was.

They did their Fall Assessment a couple of weeks ago. The teachers assess what they know. They go over letters, numbers, counting, shapes, rhyming words, syllables and comprehension (when a story is read aloud without pictures). Cooper's overall score was 91%!! Of the 123 questions on the test, he got 112 RIGHT! Only 11 wrong! Brought tears to my eyes!! I'm so glad that Cooper is doing well and seems to really enjoy school! My sweet little boy is growing up! He's getting so big! I'm so proud!

On the down-side to this - the OCD mother in me wants to spend an hour each night working on the things that he needs to work on to make a 100 on the next test. Is that wrong? I really need to work on my expectations!

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