Monday, November 17, 2008

I may have lost my mind

After much conversation, Don and I decided that it just isn't possible for us to go to my dad's for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to go, but Don has to work on Friday and we were struggling to figure out a way to get Don back in time to go to work. Cooper and I could have gone by ourselves, but then Don would be here by himself for Thanksgiving, but that just isn't right.

Then I decided to ask my mother-in-law to extend the Thanksgiving invitation to her family. Hopefully, I won't regret that call! Her family really is nice, however they have no concept of time. They come and go at their leisure and that can sometimes be late in the evening (I'm an early-to-bed kind of person!).

It should be fine though. MIL mentioned that her mom and Carlos had no place to go for Thanksgiving, and neither did Mike or Anna. They are welcome to come over to the Brooks Thanksgiving Madness! It will definitely be chaotic, as I'm sure Cooper won't nap that day and with all the people, he'll be plenty busy entertaining everyone. Now that I think of it - her family is so strange - no one will come at all! They all complain that no one wants to do anything, no one wants to help out - yet as soon as someone steps up to the plate, they all back out. I think they did that another year? Can't remember.

Cooper is doing great in school. He is learning so much it's just awesome to watch. He comes home everyday singing Christmas songs. I REALLY hope that they will put on a Christmas program where all the little kiddos sing and look adorable.

*UPDATE* Diana's mom wants to stay put - she doesn't want to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. I guess when you are 90, you don't have do anything you don't want to do! This means far less of her family will show up at my house - and it's debatable if she will show up!

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