Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I owe my parents another apology...

Parental units: I'm so sorry for the stress I caused while learning to drive a car. I saw the agony on each of your faces and blew it off, figuring that you were blowing what ever I did wrong, or however I scared you, way out of proportion. YOU DIDN'T - AND I'M VERY SORRY!

I have come to this revelation because Joseph is driving. My first experience with him behind the wheel of the car was calm and almost pleasant. We just went to Walgreen's and right back and we took the neighborhood roads, so he didn't go over 30 mph. He did fine. This past Saturday, he drove us around for a little bit - doing much better - stopping before the actual stop sign, traffic light, etc. And Sunday, he wanted to drive us to church. I felt safe with that, praying that God would protect us on the way to His house to worship. Joseph did good, once we left the house - the driveway and the alley though, are troublesome for him. We have a long driveway (bordered by a 7 ft. wooden fence) and a narrow, one lane alley to turn into onto our street. Joseph was having a hard time making the exit, so I told him to back STRAIGHT back into our neighbors driveway, then he can just pull out. He veered a little left, which because of the neighbors fence behind us didn't leave him much room to cut it right and leave the alley without driving in the grass or hitting the big green electrical thingie at the end of our driveway. He decided to give it a try anyway and got VERY close to the thingie (as evidenced in the photo). When I screamed his name and he finally stopped, the front tire was a little stuck in the mud of recent rains. So he gave it more gas, almost backing up into the neighbors fence. Once he put it in drive again, he did fine. But he left behind this little sink-hole!

When we arrived at church, I asked Joseph what he learned with this driving exercise, he said, "when you yell like that, I need to just stop". I felt pretty good about that lesson!

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