Friday, May 18, 2007

Brain Malfunction

Day after day, after day I have stood in the shower and thought of wonderful things to blog about - but when I get around to blogging - my brain freezes. Nothing. Just air! Strange. I thought I would just write about weird things today.

I am disturbed that there has been more news coverage over the death of Anna Nicole Smith than of Rev. Jerry Falwell. How sad is that! Lame actually. But the good thing is that he as already gone before the Lord and is having a great time in Heaven. That is awesome!

I really can't believe that summer is here already. It seems like time is just flying by! As a family, we've started walking around the neighborhood and Cooper really enjoys it. I pull him in his wagon - which he loves - until mommy hits a big bump and he gripes. Just like a man! Oh well, he has to learn to adjust.

Joseph is recovering. He has strep throat AND mono! Poor thing. He may or may not be able to finish the school year. We will have to see. Whatever strep variation is going around is hitting hard - it has taken my boss down for three days and he is NEVER sick. I hope and pray that I don't get it.

Don has a BIG day today - he is having a showcase for one of his bands and a record label is flying out to see them. I am praying for success!! This would mean so much to Don and we could really use the commission money.

Other than that - not a whole lot of knitting. Which I really need to get on the ball - as my step sister Karen is pregnant with her first. They aren't going to find out what it is - so I'm just going to wing it. I'm thinking a log cabin baby blanket - but haven't fully decided. Either way, I need to get started.

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