Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crazy things Cooper says

Cooper just cracks me up. The things that come out of his mouth are getting funnier and funnier each day. Last night, I dropped him off in the nursery at church and I went on to Pastor's Bible Study. I went to get him and Wendy stopped me to tell me what Cooper had done. I braced myself, because I didn't know what to expect. She said, "Cooper called for me - 'Miss Wendy, Miss Wendy' - so I went over to see what he wanted" (there is a half door to his class room) so she walked over, peered over the door and he looked at her and said, "ya know - you could open this door if you really tried". Wendy said she had to turn away and just laugh! Now, he wasn't trying to escape his class, as he really enjoys it - he was trying to get someone to take him outside to play on the playground! He's a smart boy - resourceful - and not afraid to ask for what he wants!

The other thing is that he calls Tiffany HIS girlfriend - when really Tiffany is Joseph's girlfriend. When Tiffany comes over - Cooper just won't leave them alone. He's always wanting to show Tiffany something or even just hang out in Joseph's room and play with his cars while Tiffany is there. We don't let Joseph shut the door when Tiffany is there, so Cooper just walks right in. No wonder they always want to hang out at Tiffany's house!

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