Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The MIL strikes again

There for a while, things were fine and dandy on the MIL front. She's been argueing with EVERYONE lately, and just before Christmas, she decided that she wanted to keep Cooper over at her house instead of her coming over to our house. Don and I agreed, that way she would be out of his hair as well.

Since this, she came over to my house the day after Christmas, and that was it. She hadn't been there since. Again, fine by Don and I as we don't have to listen to her. This past Sunday evening, Joseph decided he wanted a haircut by his Grandma. She came over to do the haircut but stayed in the garage with Joseph so that she would send Cooper into a tizzy right before bedtime.

I need to back up here and say that because she hasn't come over during the day (or at all really), that she hasn't done Joseph's laundry. This is where I come in to attempt - AGAIN - to teach him how to do it on his own. Just before dinner time on Sunday, I gave Joseph a lesson. My clothes were in the dryer and we started a load of Josephs clothes.

After dinner, I had to put Cooper to bed. And when I was done, I went to get my clothes out of the dryer so that I could continue the laundry lesson with Joseph. I walked into the garage and found my clothes piled on top of the dryer and Joseph's clothes missing. I went into the house to ask Joseph were his clothes were and he said, "Grandma took them, she said they would sit there and wrinkle, so she just took them". I got onto Joseph because he knew that this was a learning project and he let her take them. I went back into the garage to finish putting my laundry away and I just kept fuming. I told Don what happened and he just shook his head. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with this, but I then decided to call her:
MIL - Hello.
ME - Hey, did you take something while you were here?
MIL - Yes, I took Joseph's clothes so that I could iron them.
ME - but they weren't even dry yet.
MIL - yeah I know
ME - I wish you wouldn't have done that - I was trying to teach Joseph how to do laundry.
MIL - oh, well, he already knows
MIL - well, I didn't know.
ME - And that was very rude. You don't just walk into someones house and take things without asking.
MIL - Well, you weren't around.
ME - I WAS IN MY HOUSE! All you had to do was poke your head in, but no, you just took it upon yourself and over-stepped your bounds. You had no right to interfere.
MIL - hung up.

I called her back three times and she didn't answer. I told Don what happened and that he would have to take Cooper over there the next day because I had no desire to see her. He ended up keeping Cooper most of the day. Don took the brunt of the abuse from his mom, as he usually does. But I did comment to him that I'm the third wife that hasn't gotten along with her - WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT HER?

MIL and I made up yesterday. The Christian in me can't hold a grudge for too long.

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