Tuesday, August 1, 2006


This is my latest project from the MDK book. I just love all the projects in there. This is a moss grid hand towel. I started it some time ago and I put it down, and forgot to pick it back up. So, I did some more last night after Cooper went to bed. This one is a little more complicated than some of the simple stuff I do when Cooper is awake. Look out family - you may see this again around Christmas!!


  1. Just the standard knitting question...what yarn are you using for this? I'm trying one with PnC yarn and feeling so-so about it.

  2. Hey Jenn - I'm not using the Euroflax linen that they use in the MD book - I can't afford it. I'm using something I found at Hobby Lobby called Sinfonia - it's a sport weight 6-ply cotton yarn. It seems to be working fine.
    Thanks for the comments!